Jalan Raya Pos – the Great Postroad

A search on how colonial history is still present in modern Indonesia (story in Dutch)

Als de zon ondergaat

Ramadan in Yogyakarta, Indonesiƫ

Tante Tien

Tante Tien was mijn Indische oudtante; de zus van mijn oma. Een tante waar iets mee was, ook al wist niemand wat.

About me

Hi, my name is Eric Kampherbeek and I am a visual storyteller and photographer based in Den Haag in The Netherlands




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From the archive

Bapak Gula

Short film about a sugar farmer in Central Java

Pasar Malam

Short documentary film about a traveling fair in Central Java, Indonesia

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South Sudan's independence


Hoeveel pech is er nodig om in Nederland dakloos te worden?


When outside becomes inside